The Justice Journal is my personal blog on the topics of justice that affect me most deeply. I am, as of roughly five years ago, an “animal-rights” activist as well as a proponent for justice in general. It was the witnessing of the most horrific crimes I could ever have imagined, and the profound sting that comes from knowing the crimes were real, ongoing, and committed to the most helpless yet worthy of victims, that led to my dedicating my life to fighting it.

Learning and spiritual growth thrives in the a climate of healthy criticism, so I welcome your comments so long as they are intelligent and well-reasoned, or at the least informative.

Insofar as a dedication makes sense, I’d like to proffer my thanks and admiration toward the good activists who carry on the fight against injustice – Compassion Over Killing, Peta, The Kinship Circle, DawnWatch, and others too numerous to mention. There are none whom I respect and honor more. Thank you.

inhumbly yours,

James W. Hurst
Silverado, CA

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